Forrest – Shiny Suit Man EP (Midnight Visions)

shiny suit man

Forrest is slowly but surely proving that he has a very versatile sound, with his latest release EP, his debut for midnight version he proves exactly just how much. Shiny suit man has an absolute cheeky and hypnotic feel with a dash of sussy vocals and drums which go to create a funky sound that allow you to just blast this track loud and nod to the beat.

A cheeky baseline drives the track smoothly along and will have you hypnotised as well and not breaking even a single sweat because the track is super chilled with just enough attitude and base to keep anyone moving to the right and to the left. The Bhodi remix however has a more laid back and chilled feel to it and a male vocalist to it “The Shiny Suit Man” still with the right amount of slick and good melodic blends with a syncopared 808’s paired with shuffling synths which serve to bring a new and enormous flavour.

By Zinhle Mosia