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kruse and nuernberg

March 2013 Playlist

  1. Hear The Sound  (Kruse and Nuernberg’s Grumpy Cat Main Remix) – 9west, CaT (King Street)
  2. Papillon (Original Mix) – Daniel Dexter (Poker Flat)
  3. Blu (Steve Bug & Daniel Dexter Remix) – Filippo Moscatello (Moodmusic)
  4. Leaves Falling feat. Nathalie Claude (Mario Basanov Remix) – Kruse & Nuernberg (Lazy Days Recordings)
  5. Chains (Original Mix) – Audiowhores (Noir Music)
  6. Rum & Bass – Copy Paste Soul (Exploited               )
  7. Hype No Tool (Original Mix) – Andrade (Dessous              )
  8. My Love Is Underground (Original Mix) – Hector Couto (NM2)
  9. I Want You You You – Waze & Odyssey (Throne of Blood)
  10. Disc – Chymera (Dirt Crew Recordings)

About Kruse and Nuernberg

Kruse and Nuernberg (nrk/dark energy/simple/mood music/noir music/slip’n’slide) Separately, Hamburg based Florian Kruse and Nils Nuernberg have created some of the most interesting deep house around in the past few years, with early highlights including Nils’ “Caught A Glimpse” on 8Bit, and Florian’s “Love Hurts” release on Om Records. Since then, as solo producers, but more importantly together as Kruse & Nuernberg they have climbed closer to the tree-top with their unique brand of mouth-watering underground deep house infused with the sharp tech-house elements. As a first sign of bigger things to come, Nick Warren included their massive ‘An Why E’ on his “Global Underground- Lima”, which somewhat kick-started the K&N machine, and the duo has since then grabbed the attention of some of todays most important underground labels; NRK, Noir Music, Kolour, Je T’aime, Mood Music, Slip’N’Slide as well as Mazi’s Fresh Meat Records and Milton Jackson & Shur-I-Kan’s Dark Energy label, who have all invested in K&N with enough remixes and original productions. With a brand new studio in Hamburg, a long waiting list for tracks and remixes and with recent brilliant DJ-Sets, these guys have absolutely no reason to slow down, and more tracks and remixes are of course forthcoming.

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