Stimming at Diynamic Neon Nights (Ibiza)


With his self titled album “Stimming” out, Stimming is set to have everyone sweating out the dance floors and boogying down proper. I’m talking about records like “The crush of the sand” and “Cow of a gull” that will have you acting a fool with no worry in the world.

Everyone knows that it goes down in Ibiza, people go out there to have fun and dance like there’s no tomorrow, so with Stimming’s beautiful classical guitar indulgence and multi layered vocal harmonies, traditional instruments and modern technology mixes anyone would thank themselves over and over again to have been present at his soothing live mix.

The video of the gig he did is about an hour long, but I promise it had me on my happy feet and not even getting tired until it the last second- it has that effect on folk.

Don’t believe me? Judge for yourself, check out the clip on the link below

Stimming @ Diynamic Neon Nights

By Zinhle Mosia