The Creators Project: Four Tet Documentary


Kieran Hebden best known as Four Tet, his stage name, is a post-rock and electronic music artist. Four Tet first came to prominence as a member of the band “Fridge” before establishing himself as a solo artist.

His sound and melodies incorporate elements of hip hop, electronic, techno, jazz grime, and folk music with live instrumentation. Now, as good as he is, he gets his inspiration from a very sentimental place. In an exclusive documentary produced by The Creators Project, we get to see just where this sentimental electronic artist gets his inspiration from.

The documentary shows how much music is his life and life is his music, in that he lets us in on how and why he gave his track “My Angel Rocks Back And Forth” that name, “angel” referring to his wife. He named that track when he was chilling with her and goes on to call that moment, “Super Loved Up”.

He also admits that he has got a very close relationship with his sister and she’s also part of his musical inspiration. Four Tet  has worked with a lot of influential people one being Steve Reid, who he admits he quickly learned a lot from. He further goes on to describe Steve as “ dynamic and understandin and a really amazing person”.

He concludes the documentary by saying,” nothing is as important as moving forward”- wise words. Four Tet also adds that music comes naturally to him.

The Creators Project: Four Tet Documentary

By Zinhle Mosia