Tortured Soul and Black Coffee collaborate

Tortured Soul

It’s been close to a decade since the name Tortured Soul was introduced to the deep soulful live house scene. The group formerly compromised of Jason Kriveloff, a bassist who would later leave to focus on his new record label the, replaced by Jordan Scannela after a long process of auditions. Also in the trio were, John –Christian Urich, a vocalist and song writer, and Ethan White, a keyboardist. Tortured Soul has released two albums to date with a third due to drop in this year. The group has continued to win the hearts of many a house music lover since first arriving on the house scene with their soulful, slick jazzy honed sound mixed with classic disco beats.

The groups’ latest release is “I know what’s on your mind” which features one of the respected artists on the electronic dance music, Black Coffee. This new release follows on from their previous releases like “Home to you” and “fall in Love” adding a fresh new edge and show casing each member’s artistic abilities.

This is a four track release which when counting remixes  gives us 8 dynamite tunes to tap our feet to- from the first track main mix, tropical Island sex mix, Main mix instrumental, Determination mix.

If you  appreciate good funky jazz fused with a bit of disco beat then this for you to get your soul tortured by this joyful and heart pleasing tracks.

By Lubabalo