The 2013 CTEMF summed up…


A trip to Cape Town for the CTEMF, as enthusiastic and up-beat as I was solely because of all the hype surrounding the festival, it was worth every penny. The festival didn’t just live up to expectations, it also measured up to the buzz that was created about it. Nicely organised and well executed, I give a big thumbs-up to the organisers. There are a lot of highlights from the Sunday I was there (Phat Jack did a dope set, Terrence Pearce also held it up good), but one that stands out for me is Black Coffee’s performance. I’ve got one word for it…SUBLIME!!! I’ve seen this man perform many times before but his performance at the CTEMF takes the crown. He took it up a notch with a dope combination of fader tricks; bass cuts and effects on the mixer that made the crowd go wild. I speak for many DJs when I say a mixer is a tool to mix tracks, but for Black Coffee a mixer is an instrument and he happens to be good at playing it. Ok, enough about Black Coffee now…but like I said, the festival was nicely organised and well executed, to some it all up it was  pure enjoyment…. Thank you CTEMF.

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