Listen: James Blake Feat. Chance the Rapper “LIFE AROUND HERE”


First time hearing this track I couldn’t make out what it was, two or three times after that I felt a sudden to James Blake ’s and Chance’s characteristics.

Debuted on BBC 1 radio, ‘life around here’ (produced by 25 year old British James Blake and remixed by Chance the Rapper) sure had a positive spin after its release. “good beat, top tune, gassed at this collabo, too nasty, Blake is a beast and making love song” are just a few comments the fans had to say, now that explains the kinkiness.

Singer and song-writer James Blake felt the track needed more to it, more of a sick rap to get to the pinnacle. Chance on the other hand had no problem sliding in comfortably right over the unconventional rhythms. His lyrics describe life around the streets, chanting out “life ain’t been around here in a minute” throughout the melody.

Clearly describing the challenges and obstacles one faces when it comes the environment and the love for it, not everything will be glory-glory yet with an effort, possible change may make a difference. Well that’s my opinion about it, tell us what you think of the track.

-By Tebogo Malebese