Kid Fonque And Friends Making A Killer Playlist!

Kid fonque and friends

When you to read nothing but good comments about a newly fresh mega album then you should know, prepare yourself to be blown away! Yep kid Fonque and friends have released a unique trumpet and piano hits which are simple tunes that are foods to the ear.

The kid’s album features the likes of CKENZ, CHARLES WEBSTER, TROYE, LILLEY, MDCL, JOHNNY MILLER, OKMALUMKOOLRAT and many more. Kid Fonque and friends’ collision unites, on the same wavelength, musos throughout this journey to correct only the finest. This 12 track album is a ‘family affair; good friends musically and lots of ideas in studio-transforming soul stars into house heroes and rappers into steppers,’ said the kid. So if taking your time and patience to explore what other artists talents may do for your album and exposure all together, and perfection is the outcome you get, wouldn’t you say it was worth it? Hack yeah! So get your hands on the album. It’ll be worth the entire penny!

-By Tebogo Malebese