Cubique DJ CB – Alter Native #NFloveslocal

Cubique CB

Thulani Mabena aka “ Cubique DJ CB ” (An African Deep, Soulful House, Hip Hop Producer and DJ) hails from a musical family. Thulani is highly influenced by his cousins Nathan Xulu, Mteya Xulu & father Calvin Xulu. At 20 Years of Age, Born & Raised in Middelburg MP South Africa he masterfully expresses thoughts & feelings through the world of music.
Evolving with the technology, playing from the vinyl era up to the digital era, Cubique treats every DJ Set and music production as a spiritual journey. Thulani’s music career took off mid-2005, when he was at the tender age of 13, back then the Hip Hop genre was making serious waves in Middelburg social circuits and music scene.
He had started out recording music for the fun of it with artists Like; Vague Rizemblenze and Osifiz Aeschylus. With no success in the making of Hip Hop, Thulani had to depart from his deep art. Two years later he began doing his own music production; both Hip Hop & Dance Music. The Hip Hop lessened when the Dance scene erupted in his hometown, that’s when his DJ Career took shape. In those days, if you were not a vinyl DJ it wasn’t easy to get into a DJ line up, let alone get paid for being a DJ. He went on to meet Nicholas Mboweni “Cuebur” who taught him more about music than anyone else. Vinyl DJ skills were self-taught when an influential DJ Ndaba Maseko “DJ Ndaba” gave him turntables as a gift for his birthday.
In 2011 Thulani met label owner Jaguar Paw who runs the label DeepforestSA which pushes artists like Darque, McGee Keys, Garth & G-rel, Wishingsoul, Floss, Musskid and Kaylow to name a few. Cubique signed under the label and got recognised by others.  His debut album drops 2014 titled Alter Native. The first single off the album titled “low” featuring Denny Dug has received great acclaim and is receiving overwhelming response from fans and critics alike as well as radio airplay. Other noteable singles off the album include “reason to stay” featuring I Am X as well as the soulful single ‘Blue black winter’’ featuring the talented Ras Vadah.

Cubique DJ CB