One on One with Kid Fonque

Kid Fonque

With a new album out, a monthly event “Twosidesofthebeat”, managing a record label along with a million other projects,we at Nitefeva bring you yet another hot interview with one of house music’s young masters- Kid Fonque…

He’s a DJ/Producer, label manager to one of local house music’s legendary record labels Soul Candi. So, without wasting anymore time, let’s get to it..

Below is the interview we had with Kid Fonque.


“Nitefeva:  I understand that you have a new album out and I know that you worked with some pretty amazing artists such as Zaki Ibrahim, can you please tell me a couple more artists you worked with?

Kid Fonque:? I worked with 19 Collaborators including:




Ckenz Voucal

V The Vowel

Jonny Miller


Jullian Gomez


Andy Boi


Charles Webster


Troye Lilley


Sahin Mayer

Byron Rex Phillipson

NF: Fantastic, that’s amazing.  How long were you in the studio for?

Kid Fonque: ?Over a year, with different people.

NF: Alright, I can’t begin to imagine just how much hard work had to be put in as I understand you are Soul Candi’s Label Manager as well, how did you manage to juggle everything?

Kid:? Its tough but very rewarding.  I have had some of my musical hero’s supporting and play listing my new music so it makes it all worth while.

NF: That’s wonderful. Your latest offering is more techno? Perhaps jazzy? Or funk as I understand you’re a very versatile dj/producer

Kid: Yes I am.  There’s too much music out there to ignore.

The new album is between 120 & 123BPM and covers soul, house, tribal, jazz, tech, broken beat, rap and all thats good in music:)

Kid Fonque

NF: Wow that’s a handful. I know this is your “baby” so to speak but do you have favorites? Anything we should be looking forward to?

Kid: ?Well the only track on the album that is by me is called “2sides”.  I spent 4 months with Illustrators creating the video and it will be coming out in the next week or 2- which I am very excited about.

Also that specific track has been getting love overseas from some of the “big dawgs”.

NF: Great stuff man, this is fantastic. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for the video. This is some very positive feedback. How many tracks in total does the album have?

Kid: ?It has 9 original productions and 2 licenses.

NF: Ok, and how is this particular album different from your previous offerings?

Kid: ?Well, its my first album where I have produced my own content.  I think it has flavors from my previous endeavors but, yes, ‘its definitely more for a South African ear;)

NF: Yet it’s getting love from overseas as well, you must be feeling very proud I can imagine?

Kid: ?Kinda like a dream come true.  Stick to it and you will reap the rewards:)

NF: :) Very wise words indeed. Thanks for the advise. I suppose your versatility ,among other fine qualities you have, is what’s keeping you relevant in the game. What would you say is also contributing?

Kid: ?Just being true to what moves you.  Took me ages to build a platform where people would understand I’m not only a 1 trick pony but a guy of many tastes, all good (I hope).

Stick at it and keep a clear vision and it all comes together.

NF: Fantastic, let’s talk about your monthly event “Twosidesofthebeat”, how did you come up with it and what’s it all about?

Kid: ?It started with my album launch for my album ‘2sidesofthebeat’. We did so well with it that we decided to hold down a monthly which is now over 1 year old:)  I have had many greats come play at my events from MdCL, Trickski, Kode 9, King Britt and loads of amazing local acts from Zaki Ibrahim, Muzart, The Layders, Cuebur, Jullian Gomes and more…”

Thank you Kid Fonque for this interview and we wish you even more success.

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By Zinhle Mosia