EnaWadan talks about his remixes, releases and fans


In the minute (figuratively) that EnaWadan has been in the industry and the few projects that he has under his belt, he’s managed to achieve what most producers dream of achieving in their entire musical paths. Releasing music with reputable labels like Offering, Sonar Kollektiv and Foliage, and doing remixes for sought-after producers like Black Coffee, at this early stage of his career, indicates the type of talent this Pretoria based young producer possesses and the type of future he has upon him. With a quest to identify exceptional new talent, Nitefeva felt obligated to get in touch with EnaWadan and pick his brain about his music career. Here’s what transpired when Nitefeva and EnaWadan had a chat on Facebook:

Nitefeva: What’s your real name, where were you born and where are you based now?

EnaWadan: My real is Goodwill Gumede. I was born in Nelspruit (now known as Mbombela) in Mpumalanga. I’m currently based in Pretoria

Nitefeva: Enawadan is an interesting name, how did it come about?

EnaWadan: The name itself means “I am everything in anything” which is pretty much self-explanatory. How and where it comes from is rather a long story. But yeah, it would be a too long a story to tell lol.

NF: How did you start making music and why?

EW: Started about 7, 8 years ago as a hobby. I wanted to put down the melodies I’d usually whistle or hum to myself in a format I’d be able to listen to lol. Over the years I would say my musicality matured up to where it is now, and it is still maturing. As to why? The answer to that…….uhmmmm……I love art in all of its forms. Making music happened to be a craft, a process that I found too magical for me to just pass it by. I had to learn and so I did

NF: Why did you choose House Music as the type of music you want to make?

EW: House music is big in South Africa. I grew up listening to house music as it was practically everyone’s music of choice, and so it was only natural that I started out learning music through house music trying to “sound like” the big guys lol. But not to say that house music is and was the only style of music I want to make, I do compose other styles of music. The gradual change to other styles came about as my musicality matured. It is just that I got a head start with house music and so people will identify EnaWadan with house music lol. Hopefully in the not so distant future I might come to people’s attention again for other musical works aside from house.

NF: If i’m not mistaken, you went by the name Blaid early in your career…

EW: Yes that is correct

NF: Ok…what happened to the name and why did you change it?

EW: Well at that time I was just fooling around, posting music on myspace.com. Infact if I remember clearly, I had multiple alias’ lol. There was really nothing to it as I was not really serious about the music. I changed to EnaWadan when someone told me to “try putting my music out there coz it’s really great”. So I thought, what the hell, let me give this a try. Changed to EnaWadan because of the uniqueness the name carries. Sent out demo’s and the rest is history

NF: So when you where putting your music out there, which ear did your music catch first?

WE: Initially I had my music up for sale on the now discontinued AfrodesiaMP3 website. A particular release of mine titled “Full Of Wonder” I might say really started things off for EnaWadan. It caught on support from a couple of U.K based djs, Aluku Rebels and Dj Stanely-London just to mention a few. From there on, I sent demos out to labels: Ocha Records, Offering Recordings and Sonar Kollektiv. They liked my stuff, and so I guess my music “caught their ears”

NF: Which international label offered you a contract first, when was it and what release was it for?

EW: That would be Offering Recordings for the release ‘I’m still standing’. I sent the Demo around towards the end of 2011. Got a reply from Offering with really positive words about the song. And so they offered me my 1st contract

NF: How did the release perform competitively and who did it feature?

EW: The release was all me. Every mix was produced by me featuring me lol. Competitively it did it’s fair share, I guess.

NF: How did you get recruited to Sonar Kollektiv?

The same process again, I sent out a couple of demo tracks to them, they liked one which was the later the release “Reborn”, which received further treatment from Tuff City Kids in a form of two remixes.

NF: Ever since you joined Sonar Kollektiv what changes have you seen in your music path?

EW: I haven’t joined Sonar Kollektiv. I have a couple of release agreements with them. Of how my music path has changed since releasing stuff on Sonar, well they are quite a big indie label with a wide distribution over the web. You can basically find my releases on Sonar almost anywhere on the web. And of course the fans who appreciate the music.

Oh and the fact that they printed my 1st ever vinyl

NF: Does this mean that your fan base has grown?

EW: Yeah we can say so because I have fans from Germany, Morocco, The US and even Russia. So yeah my fan base has grown a little even though I am still at a humble bellow 700 fans on facebook lol.

NF: Has your connection with Sonar Kollektiv made an impact in SA?

EW: It seems to me that it rather had an impact outside of SA

NF: Why do you say that?

EW: The reception to the release was more focused in Europe either than South Africa.

NF: What you saying is that the release did not get a good response in SA?

EW: I wouldn’t know for sure because most fan responses came through from outside the SA. So i’m just basing my assumption on that, the response. One record that did get a positive response from SA was “Forever” released by Ocha Records. I remember it was number 1 on the Just Mo show on YFM and it peaked at number 4 on traxsource.

NF: At this moment, would you say you are bigger outside more than you are in SA?

EW: Uhmmm I’d say 50/50

NF: How does that make you feel?

EW: Well so long as people show appreciation for my musical crafts then I guess I am correct to say that I’m content with the progress made thus far

NF: The remix you did for Black Coffee ‘Rock my world’ must have been big…Did you experience any sort of pressure when you were working on that?

EW: Yeah, kind of. I ended up with plus 22 different conceptual versions of the remix. I rolled it down to 4 and from the 4, 1 was selected. So I can say that I did experience some sort of pressure from that. I wanted it to be perfect. Either from that, I can’t think of anything else that would’ve pressured me in anyway because after all, Black Coffee remix! Me?! Yay!

NF: Do you treat remixes and your own tracks differently when you’re producing?

EW: No, just the same process. Come up with several ideas, save, return after a couple of hours or days with a fresh pair of ears. Listen to what sounds unique and continue on from there.

NF: How did you take it when Foliage asked you to do the ‘Rock my world’ remix?

EW: Was excited. Appearing on a release with guys like Boddhi and Dean remixing a giant in the dance music scene is quite big.

NF: As big as it this job was for you…where you expecting it to come at this moment in your career?

EW: Well no. It caught me off by surprise when Foliage Records in boxed me with the remix request.

NF: Why do you think they approached you?

EW: I wouldn’t know that. Perhaps they liked my sound… lol

NF: Do you think you’ve reached the producer’s A-list?

EW: I reckon that I’m still far from that list. If I was in that list, then my music would be common and regular on a lot of dj sets, both local and foreign, occasional on the traxsource, beatport top 10 etc. So far, only one record of mine crossed that barrier. So with that said, No I don’t think so.

NF: On that note…which other big names would like to be featured in their releases?

EW: I would appreciate something with the likes of Osunlade (My track Forever appears on the compilation series “Defected in the house” done by him), Atjazz, Reel People, The Layabouts, Soul magic etc The list could go on and on. Hopefully as time progresses, I’ll hustle something up with them hopefully



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