C.9ine answers questions from fans on Facebook


On Wednesday morning, January 16, the live house music duo C.9ine, posed this question to their fans on Face Book:  “What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to know about C.9ine’s creative process?”…and guess what? Fans wasted no time in firing questions to C.9ine, and here’s what some of the fans had to ask:

Emmanuel Wandile: What’s your source of creativity when generating a super HIT?

Siphamandla Pyro Gubula: Who does what in the crew?

Uno Mbhele: When u guys perform live..do u play like a drum track (4/4 kick, snare & hats) and then play live instruments like keyboard & bass on top of that?

Kokified Static-kay Capcity: Did u guys study music & where do you get ur inspiration

Tumelo Desmond Mokhine: Which program are you using to create beats?

Sam Matsepe: How did u come up with #sons of soil? killer tune indeed

Shanduk Aubrey: What are you thinking about each time you are manufacturing a track…i want that essence…!

Innocent Tau: What software d u use when producing music?

C.9ine: @Emmanuel, depends on many factors like mood, emotion etc.@siphamandla we both do everything, we rotate on instruments depending on what we want to do. @uno, we perform with a live band including a drum kit, synthesizers, guitars, drum machines n so forth. @Kokified, we have different musical backgrounds that taught us to do what we do and inspiration comes from all around. @Tumelo Desmond Mokhine, we use various programs and we always learning new software so we dnt have a specific one.

C.9ine: @Shanduk Aubrey, don’t go into studio with preconceptions let the music guide the process tap into your emotions and feed off the energy around u.

Sipho Ngcungama: Which record company you in guys?

C.9ine: @Sipho Ngcungama, we are with C.9ine recordings and have a partnership with Soul Candi records

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