On the road with Jullian Gomes

On Saturday 9 February 2013, Nitefeva drove with Pretorian Deep House music don Jullian Gomes to his gig at Rockafella in Soweto. The reason behind it was to fulfill our niggling desire to get that one-on-one experience with the Metro FM nominee and what could be better than tagging along with the guy…The Gallery tells the story

IMG_20130211_081723 DSC_7829 DSC_7833 DSC_7834 DSC_7842 DSC_7846 DSC_7847 DSC_7859 DSC_7861 DSC_7863 DSC_7876 DSC_7882 DSC_7886 DSC_7888 DSC_7889 DSC_7890 DSC_7898 DSC_7909 DSC_7910 DSC_7918 DSC_7919 DSC_7920 DSC_7921 DSC_7923 DSC_7925 DSC_7926 DSC_7929 DSC_7930 DSC_7949 DSC_7966 DSC_7968 DSC_7977 DSC_7979 DSC_7981 DSC_7982 DSC_7987 DSC_7988 DSC_7991 DSC_8004 DSC_8005 DSC_8006 DSC_8009 DSC_8010 DSC_8020 DSC_8042 DSC_8046 DSC_8048 DSC_8052 DSC_8061 DSC_8067 DSC_8071 DSC_8084 IMG_20130211_073139 IMG_20130211_073841 IMG_20130211_074106 IMG_20130211_074647 IMG_20130211_075036 IMG_20130211_075313 IMG_20130211_075432 IMG_20130211_075543 IMG_20130211_075721 IMG_20130211_080006 IMG_20130211_080332 IMG_20130211_080535 IMG_20130211_080646

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