Bridges for Music with Luciano Cadenza in Soweto


On March 26th, 2013, Swiss-Chilean DJ/Producer Luciano Cadenza arrived in South Africa to lead a series of free
workshops and events organised by non-profit organisation ‘Bridges for Music’. He was the 2nd international act after Canadian Techno DJ/Producer Richie Hawtin to grace our shores for workshops and events that took place in the townships of Soweto (Panyaza, Tuesday 26th of March) and Langa (Guga S ?thebe, Wednesday 27th of March). In Soweto, which Nitefeva attended, Luciano Cadenza was supposed to be joined by Kalawa Jazmee co-founder Oskido for the workshop but there was no sign of Oskido. Instead it was Ryan Murgatroyd (one half of super group Crazy White Boy) who started the show with a very brief but  enlightening music theory session.  Luciano Cadenza’s session was very inspirational. He began by waving through the early days of his career in Chile, what made him move to Switzerland and how everything started overseas. The peak of his story and what grabbed everyone’s attention was at the point where he spoke about his way to the top of the House/Techno Producer/DJ  A-list, which got him to play at massive events alongside big name DJ’s like Richie Hawtin.  He then closed off his session with a small tutorial on the technology he’s currently using and his technical preferences. All in all it was a great and well organised workshop and soon after it ended the party got underway with Nastee Nev, Kid Fonque, Black Coffee and Luciano Cadenza playing the night away. The pics below sums it all up…feast your eyes.

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