Defected Records’ For The Love Of House Vol.1, Ten Year Anniversary for Kaskade’s “It’s you, It’s me” album, DJ Yass in the house

Defected Records

Defected’s For The Love Of House Vol. 1

For The Love Of House Volume 1 is the first of a new series of digital albums from Defected Records focused on classic, genre defining tracks rarely made available for digital consumption. Working closely with seminal record labels including Trax, Nervous, FFRR, Slip N Slide, Soulfuric, Strictly Rhythm, Classic and Warner as well as digging deep into the vast catalogues under the Defected umbrella, the series will chronicle a genre as well as hopefully educating a new audience on some of the finest examples of house music and the roots of an undying scene once again enjoying heightened popularity. (Get the full Story)



Ten Year Anniversary  for Kaskade’s “It’s you, It’s me” album

Ten years ago in March, Kaskade put his entire heart and soul into an album called, “It’s You, It’s Me” and the result was one of the biggest House Music albums of 2003. It happened when he was considering hanging his boots and getting an alternative job. This album changed all of that. He’s life was never the same after this album, “It’s You, It’s Me” opened every door he needed to bust through and made him a force to be reckoned with. (Get the full Story)


DJ Yass in the house

Parisian Re-mixer/Producer/DJ Yass, gives a full tour of his two-room studio. In this tour we are shown a well constructed studio (to-die-for) and Yass names all the equipment he’s armed his state of art studio with.  With desirable top-notch machines and knobs all over, he manages to point to one machine and calls it his favourite. Yass also shares insight on his production process which has produced some of the best House Music in the last decade. (Get the full story)

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